Swimming Pool Chlorine Granules - 5 Kg

Swimming Pool Chlorine Granules - 5 Kg


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Stabilized chlorine granules is the most popular sanitizer for outdoor pools and spa's. your pool or spa water should be chlorinated at all times, never allow your pool or spa to be used without first testing that the water contains the correct amount of chlorine.

1. To maintain the chlorine level in private pools at a rate of between 2 to 3mg/litre (ppm), add 84g per 45.5m3 per day (3oz per 10,000 gallons). For schools and hotels, these levels and dosages should be increased to maintain a minimum of 3mg/litre (ppm). For spas add at a rate of 4.2gm/2.27m3 (500gls). Maintain a level of 3mg/l (ppm).

2. Pre-dissolve the granules, as described below and add to the pool choosing a period when the pool is not in use. Re-adjust the pH to between 7.2-7.6 for optimal bather comfort.

3. Regularly use a reliable Test Kit to determine Free Chlorine residual/pH levels and dose the pool accordingly.

4. It is good practice to shock treat the pool every 2/3 weeks using a Relax Granular Shock product.


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