Kiddy Safe Paddling Pool Cleaner

Kiddy Safe Paddling Pool Cleaner


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Note: Only One Sachet Supplied
Kiddy-Safe Paddling Pool Treatment is specifically designed for unfiltered paddling pools. Acting both as an Algaecide and Bactericide it keeps the paddling pool water clean and healthy for a period of up to 2 weeks.You simply pour the Kiddy-Safe Paddling Pool Treatment Sachet directly into the paddling pool water and no further action is required.

1. Thoroughly clean the paddling pool before use.
2. Flush out stagnant water in the hose-pipe before filling the paddling pool.
3. Add one sachet per 1,000 litres of paddling pool water.
4. Empty, clean and re-fill the paddling pool at least once every two weeks
5. Never allow children to drink paddling pool water


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