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Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline accessories are designed to improve various different aspects of your trampoline. Different parts for trampolines whether extras, trampoline spares or replacement trampoline parts, have different impacts upon the trampoline, improving areas such as performance, safety and appearance.

Trampoline Pads

Perhaps our most popular trampoline spare parts are our pads. These are a protective cover which goes round the outside of the trampoline and protect the user from coming into contact with the springs. It is of the utmost importance that they are made from a thick and durable material to ensure both safety and longevity. Our Skyhigh deluxe pads come highly recommended by our customers as they are 27mm thick.

They are UV resistant and designed not to crack in frost. If you have bought a cheap trampoline with thin pads that have worn out then our Skyhighs will give it a much needed upgrade. We also have some entry level pads available from Fun which offer fantastic protection at a very fair price.

Trampoline Covers

A trampoline cover prevents your trampoline from being damaged by bad weather, protecting the trampoline pads, bed and springs. The cover will also keep debris off your trampoline when it is not in use, therefore preventing you from having to sweep or clean your trampoline before evry use.

Replacement Beds and Mats

A new trampoline bed can have a positive impact on the performance of your trampoline, giving the trampoline a more responsive bounce.

Trampoline Nets and Enclosures

An enclosure (or safety net) is designed to prevent injury to the user of your trampoline. The surround will prevent children from falling onto the ground as the net provides a barrier between them and the edge of the trampoline. This trampoline accessory is one of the most crucial trampoline parts for safety and safe use of the trampoline.

Trampoline Anchors

An anchoring kit for your trampoline prevents your trampoline from moving or blowing away in strong winds. It will also help lighter trampolines remain firm either when in use or in bad weather. If you live in open surrounding where it can become very windy this can be seen as essential to keep your trampoline in place.

Trampoline Ladders

Attaching a ladder makes accessing your trampoline safer and easier, eliminating the chance of the user falling when climbing on or off of your trampoline. We have a range of ladders for different trampoline sizes which are very easy to put together, strong and sturdy. They also have holes in the steps to enable water to pass through - preventing the steps from getting slippery in wet weather.

A trampoline tent is ideal for anyone looking to get more from their trampoline, offering valuable space which can be used for a number of things. Adding a tent to your trampoline can add an extra element of fun to the trampoline - and also a practical accessory for camping out in the garden or a covering for doing activities like arts and crafts. They can create a den - protected from wind and drizzle, your children will have hours of fun underneath the covering of the tent.

Shoe Bags can be another practical but fun accessory for your trampoline. A shoe bag not only makes the surrounding area of your trampoline tidier, but also reduces the likelihood of injury from someone falling over shoes. These bags can be used for keeping things in or even holding speakers so you and your children can enjoy music whilst they bounce.

Trampoline Accessories

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