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Swimming Pool Covers


Swimming Pool Covers

Above ground pool covers serve the dual purpose of providing safety and cleanliness. You can have peace of mind that your children won't fall into the water and it will also prevent any garden debris such as moss or bird droppings from falling into the pool. You will immediately notice that you have to clean your pool less with a cover. This will free up more time for enjoying your swimming. Above ground pool covers are a very useful accessory to own.

Intex Above Ground Pool Covers

We stock a selection of Intex swimming pool covers, a top brand which has been in the industry for more than 40 years. Intex are the world leader in above ground pool covers. Through all their years of experience and their success in swimming pool covers, they have they have developed quality and affordable designs.

Intex covers prevent water from collecting on top with a series of drainage holes. This means that when you want to remove their above ground pool covers to go swimming you won't have to risk getting covered in cold water!

The cover is made from durable PVC which will survive in all seasons. We also stock a selection of swimming pool covers for above ground pools with metal frames. Intex metal frame pools are less round and more angular in shape than our easy set range. This obviously means that they require their own swimming pool covers.

Solar Swimming Pool Covers Great for UK Weather

In the United Kingdom we aren't blessed with the kind of sunshine you would expect in Miami or Madrid. This means we need a bit of help retaining heat in our swimming pools. This is where the Intex solar swimming pool covers come into their own. Designed to contain as well as absorb natural solar heat, the swimming pool solar cover gradually raises the temperature of the swimming pool water. Used in conjunction with swimming pool heaters, solar swimming pool covers can create a comfortable and relaxing swimming pool experience.

We have a swimming pool solar cover for every shape of above ground pool and our range includes round, rectangular and oval covers. When you are looking at solar swimming pool covers it is of the utmost importance that you know the correct size and shape of your pool in order to purchase the correct cover. Inappropriately shaped solar swimming pool covers quite simply won't be able to retain heat as well as the correctly shaped model.

Not only do solar swimming pool covers heat your above ground swimming pool, they keep debris out of the pool by acting as a general swimming pool cover. A swimming pool solar cover is an absolute essential if you want your above ground pool to be safer, warmer and cleaner.
If you order from our Intex swimming pool solar cover range before 12pm we endeavour to dispatch the product the same day so you will be getting the most out of your pool in no time!

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