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Table Tennis Tables

Table Tennis Tables: Guides & Information

Where did the sport start?

Table Tennis originated in England in the 1880's as an after dinner amusement for upper class Victorians. The game was based on the popular sport tennis except this time creating it in an indoor environment.
Originally the game was constructed out of objects found lying around the house such as a line of books for a net. As the game grew in popularity the first rackets began appearing, these were often pieces of stretched paper over a frame. It was the sound of the ball as it hit the racket which gave the game its first nicknames 'whiff-waff' and 'ping-pong'.

As time has progressed we have seen table tennis become a popular sport which has many players all around the world. Today the equipment used is very different, new materials used mean that the game is much quicker and players skills are much more advanced. In fact the game is so much quicker that rules have been brought in by the International Table Tennis Federation disallowing the use of several bats as they cause the ball to spin and move too fast.

Why sell table tennis equipment?

Well, here at Big Game Hunters we really love most sports but especially the sport of table tennis. We have created a section which is full of great table tennis tables and equipment. We have great brands in stock such as Kettler, Cornilleau and Butterfly all of which are recognized internationally.
We also have a lot of knowledge on all of the tables so if you have any questions or are unsure of which table to go for feel free to give us a call on 01865 392439.

What do we have in our Table Tennis Range?

Indoor Table Tennis Tables: Top quality Table Tennis Tables supplied by brands like Kettler Table Tennis, Cornilleau Table Tennis and Butterfly Table Tennis Tables

Outdoor Table Tennis Tables: Kettler Table Tennis, Cornilleau Table Tennis and Butterfly Table Tennis Tables available at incredible prices.

Table Tennis Table Accessories: Table Tennis Table Nets, Table Tennis Table Bats, Table Tennis Table Blades and more!

Here at Big Game Hunters we offer our customers an unsurpassed range of outdoor table tennis tables, from huge brands. Our outdoor table tennis tables are designed to offer excellent value for money, and they are all manufactured to high specifications.

Outdoor table tennis tables are designed to withstand the impacts of being used outside, but high specification outdoor tables are capable of maintaining their optimum performance and playability.

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