10ft Trampoline Covers


10ft Trampoline Weather Covers

Our range of 10ft trampoline cover package options are designed to provide multiple solutions within one simple purchase.

Whether you require a trampoline cover individually, a cover and ladder, or a cover, ladder and anchor kit, there is a perfect package for you! Our weather package provides a high quality cover, a ladder for easy access to the trampoline, and an anchor kit to provide stability through different weathers.

There are two different types of trampoline covers to choose from for your 10ft trampoline; an elastic deluxe trampoline cover and a tie-on trampoline cover. The elastic cover ensures stability through different weathers and is quick and easy to take on and off of your trampoline. The tie-on cover has toggles attached which are used to tie onto the trampoline frame at various increments. Both types of trampoline cover are designed with a drainage system in the middle, this encourages the water to fall to the middle of the trampoline and then drain through the middle of the trampoline bed. This effectively stops water from coming into contact with the rest of the trampoline bed.

Have a browse at our different packages above, and if you have any questions or would like any guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.