10ft Trampoline Pads

10ft Trampolines include many different components, one of these components being the 10ft trampoline pads that cover the springs on the trampoline. The 10ft trampoline padding is very important as these are there to protect the user from the frame and the springs in case of a fall.

The pads are usually the first part of the trampoline to start failing whatever size your trampoline may be. This can be within a 2 year period but can depend on the materials they are made of and how you look after them. 10ft Trampoline pads are there to protect the user from injury and are not designed to have people sitting on them or walking on them, this can put alot of wear on the underside of the pads.

Big Game hunters have put together a few packages of 10ft trampoline pads designed to suit a large range of needs; whether it is just the pads you require or some other spares which need replacing..

We retail two of the most popular brands on the market;

The first being the 10ft Fun pads which are of a

The more popular 10ft Skyhigh Pads come with a 2 year warranty and have a thicker pad depth of 27mm.

Trampoline Padding Guide