10ft Trampolines

10ft round trampolines are the second smallest size we offer. This makes them perfect for younger children with a large enough bounce mat area for them to enjoy whilst also comfortably fitting into your garden.

When you have measured the size you have available in your garden and come to the conclusion that an 8ft will not suffice then a 10ft round trampoline could be a perfect fit.

Small children quickly grow into taller and heavier children, and therefore it is a good idea to view the trampoline as a long-term investment that will accompany the children as they grow.

Therefore, although a very small child may not feel the full rebounding effect on a trampoline with a high number of springs initially, they will soon feel the amazing quality and height of the bounce once they grow slightly. The trampoline will then be highly efficient for the future and will be treasured for many years. (The number of springs on each trampoline can be seen within the product specifications on each product page)

10ft trampolines are also brilliant for adults. The jumping area provides a comfortable amount of room for different styles of jumping. Whether the trampoline is intended for exercising and fulfilling fitness requirements, or just for a bit of fun in the garden, the 10ft trampolines are the perfect choice. 10ft trampolines are ideal for exercising and including within your fitness regime as the jumping space is generous, meaning that various different style exercise moves can be carried out.

A 10ft trampoline is great for family use, particularly families with large age ranges, as the size caters to adults and doesn't impede on the treasured garden space, while the children can experience fantastic rebounding and hours of bountiful bouncing!