10ft x 17ft Rectangular Trampoline Covers


10ft by 17ft Trampoline Weather Covers

Here at Big Game Hunters we have a range of Trampoline accessories including the very popular and amazing size 10ft x 17ft rectangular Trampoline, although this is one of the newest and biggest Trampolines we have developed covers and accessories for this model. The 10ft x 17ft Rectangular Cover is available to protect your Trampoline over the wintery months against frost and below freezing temperatures.

It is vital to protect your Trampoline against these elements, without a Trampoline cover you may find that your Trampoline padding and the Trampoline bed will need to be replaced before their usual life span. This simple but affective cover will give you the best value for money from your trampoline and this even helps to keep your trampoline free of bird droppings and clean when not in use.