12ft Trampoline Pads

Trampolines are made up of a wide range of parts, one of these sections being the Trampoline pads. These are very important as they help protect the user if the accidently fall onto the frame or the springs.

The 12ft Trampoline pads are likely to be one of the first parts of your 12ft trampoline to start deteriorating; this can occur within the first 2 years of their life depending on what quality they are with most falling apart within the first year, you can help prolong this by using a trampoline cover to help protect them in the winter months.

Here at Big Game Hunters We have a wide range of packages design to suit different people's needs, whether you're looking for a 12ft Trampoline pad on its own or a package which is designed to help protect your trampoline as well.

We retail two different types of 12ft Trampoline pads:

The first being the 12ft Fun Trampoline Pads - these have a 1 year warranty and comes with a thickness of 21mm. The pad and cover is thinner, but this is why we can bring you this trampoline pad at such a good price.

The more popular pads are the 12ft Skyhigh Deluxe Trampoline Pads which have a 2 year warranty and a thickness of 27mm. the extra thick pads give more shock absorbancy and also help the pads retain their shape and last longer.

If you need more information and advice, click on the padding buying guide image below to read the guide on which pads will be best for you.

Trampoline Padding Guide