12ft Trampolines

12ft trampolines are the second largest size of round trampoline Skyhigh make. They are a rather substantial size without being so big that they wouldn't fit into a medium sized garden. It is a great size to enjoy a larger bounce mat for children of all ages. Keep in mind that the 12ft measurement on these trampolines refers to the total diameter of the frame and not the bounce mat. This area will be closer to 10ft in size. What age should I buy a 12ft trampoline for? 12ft trampolines are great for when the children get a bit older and want to have a bit more room to bounce. A good idea to gauge how much room your child will have will be to actually lay out a tape measure for 12ft in the garden and then reduce this to 10ft for the bounce mat to see roughly how much room they will have to enjoy the trampoline.

If you have decided that a 12ft trampoline will be the perfect size for your garden then you will need to pick the right model. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming with all the different trampolines available but if you follow a certain criteria then you will find one that is safe, will last and be a lot of fun for the children (and adults!) to use. Initially it would be best to take a good look at the photos on the website. You will be able to tell a lot about the trampoline from these about the style of safety enclosure, the structure of the frame and the materials used on the outer layer of the trampoline. Skyhigh trampolines have pads and enclosure poles covered in a thick layer of green PVC. This makes the trampoline look great and will ensure that it stands up to all kinds of different climates. With cheaper trampolines the poles may be bare foam which will corrode and look very tacky. It's also important to look at the number of springs and their length. Ideally you will need a lot of springs to generate a more powerful bounce. This is especially important given that the children using the trampoline will be older.

For a 12ft trampoline you will need 72 165mm springs. Anything less than this and the bounce will not be very powerful. If you have teenagers you can go up to more springs which are longer. For example the Skyhigh 12ft Xtreme has 96 springs which are 210mm long. This is a high performance trampoline with a very powerful bounce. You may however find with younger children such as 3-6 year olds that they aren't heavy enough to generate sufficient momentum to bounce. In this case it would be suitable to go with trampoline with fewer springs. If you consider all the things explained in this guide then you will find a trampoline that is perfect for your garden and children!