14ft Trampolines

14ft trampolines are the largest trampolines within our carefully selected collection. This size offers an optimum amount of jumping space and is ideal for the most enthusiastic users. The incredibly spacious jumping area allows for lots of jumping fun as well as creative jumping routines.

Adults, teenagers and taller children will benefit most from a 14 foot trampoline as the trampoline bed absorbs the user's body weight upon impact and then creates an exhilarating rebound. Smaller children may not be able to achieve the maximum performance from the trampoline as they are lighter with not as much strength. The distance between the user and the trampoline springs is further than on a smaller trampoline, causing the trampoline bed to be very taut. This rigidness is very beneficial for older children and adults as the rebound is brilliantly strong, springing them high into the air!

The more creative bouncers will be in their element with a 14ft trampoline, with the high performance trampoline bed and springs providing the best jumping experience possible. The 14ft Skyhigh Xtreme 360 is the highest specification trampoline available on the market, with 112 springs and deluxe enclosure features, keeping you jumping for years to come!

With such an advanced specification, a 14ft trampoline offers ambitious jumpers the ultimate jumping experience. The elements that make up the entire structure of the trampoline are manufactured to a striking standard, ensuring that the trampoline caters to the most experienced user's needs, while being a perfect platform for beginners to develop their skills.

14ft trampolines are perfect for outdoor areas with a generous amount of space. While the size of the trampolines is excellent for the quality of bounce, they are rather large and are therefore most suited to larger gardens. If your garden is a smaller size, a 12ft trampoline will give you a similar quality of bounce while being less intrusive to your outdoor space. Our range of 14ft trampolines has been designed to blend into the garden as carefully and tastefully as possible. Each model is a charming green shade which blends wonderfully into the garden greenery. This ensures that the size of the trampoline doesn't compromise the appearance of your outdoor space.

Our 14ft trampolines also come with safety enclosures so that your family can feel safe and comfortable while jumping. Purchasing a 14ft trampoline with enclosure package is a quick and convenient way of ensuring that you have all the necessary pieces of equipment to start bouncing. We do have enclosures available to purchase separately, so if you already have a trampoline, you are able to find a suitable enclosure to make your trampoline even safer. We are proud to include enclosures with every single one of our trampolines; this goes hand in hand with our reputation as 'the play experts', and we strive to continue to offer the safest and most enjoyable trampolines on the market.