7ft x 10ft Rectangular Trampoline Covers


7ft Rectangular Weather Covers

We stock a wide range of Trampoline covers for all size trampolines, here we have the range for the 10ft x 7ft rectangular Trampolines. The 10ft x 7ft Rectangular Trampoline cover is designed to keep your Trampoline in top condition all year round, although it is not always necessary to cover your trampoline during the summer months it is vital to do so during the winter. The frost and below freezing conditions can easily damage your Trampolines bed or padding leaving your Trampoline dangerous when it comes to the summer. To avoid this simply cover your Trampoline when not in use by using one of these simply to use 7ft x 10ft Trampoline covers.

You could also buy this as part of a package with a Trampoline ladder for easy access to your Trampolines.