8ft Trampoline Covers


8ft Trampoline Weather Covers

These 8ft covers are designed to provide different solutions for your 8ft trampoline simultaneously; whether you need a cover and ladder, a cover, ladder and an anchor kit, or each of these products individually. There are two different types of cover for your 8ft trampoline; a tie-on cover and an elastic cover. The elastic cover is the deluxe option, including durable and thick All-Weather PVC material, UV Stable Protection to prolong the life of the cover and the trampoline. The elastic edging on this trampoline cover ensures quick and easy application and will be secure at all times. The tie-on cover includes toggles which are used to tie the cover onto the trampoline frame; due to the toggle system, this cover can be used at the same time as having an enclosure on your trampoline.

The weather package includes a trampoline cover, a ladder and an anchor kit, ensuring stability and protection through different weathers.

The trampoline cover and ladder package option is a great solution for protecting your trampoline when not in use, while ensuring easy access for the jumpers when in use.