8ft Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are one of the most important parts of your trampoline; they are there to protect the user from falling onto the frame or the springs.

If you have bought an 8ft trampoline, then then this section on 8ft Trampoline Pads is the place you want to be. The trampoline pads are usually the first part of the trampoline to deteriorate, trampoline pads 8ft in size (or any other size). This can be due to the length of time they have been on the trampoline, the quality of the materials and how they have been treated. Here at Big Game Hunters we recommend using a trampoline cover throughout the winter months to help prolong life of your 8ft trampoline padding.

Big Game Hunters know that your child's safety is important - that is why we have pads in every size, not just 8ft but all the way up to 14ft as well. Please click here to visit the main trampoline pad section if do not require a trampoline pad, 8ft in size.

There are several packages here which include 8ft Trampoline Pads, and are designed to suit different needs.

We have two different types of 8ft trampoline padding;

The 8ft Fun Replacement Pads measuring at 21mm in thickness, come with a 1 year warranty, and are produced with affordability in mind.

The 8ft Skyhigh Trampoline Pads are the highest quality pads available; measuring at 30mm in thickness, with a high quality outer canvas, they are designed to ensure longevity and unbeatable protection for your trampoline. These Skyhigh pads come with a 2 year warranty.

Trampoline Padding Guide