8ft Trampolines

8ft trampolines are the smallest size of trampoline available in the Skyhigh round trampoline range. There are 6ft trampoline and even smaller mini bouncers available but in our opinion this is the smallest you want to go if you want to have a fantastic trampoline with enough bounce space to enjoy fully. The industry standard measurement of 8ft refers to the diameter of the metal frame of the trampoline, i.e. at the widest point. The bounce mat itself which is surrounded by protective foam padding will be closer to 6ft.

This smaller mat will be easier to generate momentum to bounce off than a 14ft for example. Therefore if you have a 3 year old child it will be easier for them to get bouncing than a teenager on a 14ft. 8ft round trampolines are also great for younger users because round trampolines make a pattern of bouncing easier which is focussed on the centre. Whilst all garden trampolines in the UK are required to be sold with an enclosure it is always good to have that extra peace of mind knowing your child will likely enjoy staying in the centre of the mat away from its edges. They also have a lower height which makes them easier to get on and off even with a ladder. 8ft trampolines by and large are 60cm in height so when you are measuring out your space you can imagine how tall the trampoline will be off the ground. You will also need to add 180cm for the enclosure poles so the entire structure will be around 240cm in height.

When you are in the market for an 8ft trampoline you will be looking for features which provide enjoyment, safety and durability whilst looking terrific. The first thing I would advise is to just have a look at the general build quality. If the frame, enclosure poles or structure look flimsy, chances are because it is a cheaper trampoline made with lower quality parts. You will also want to look at the covering the trampoline has on the pads and enclosure poles. Cheaper trampolines just have bare foam covering on the poles. Within a few months this will start to erode, especially in the winter and look tacky. Skyhigh trampolines are covered entirely in PVC which will stand up to all kinds of different weather whilst still looking great. Other lines of trampolines will use a PE covering, a cheaper material which is less comfortable to the touch so you will get more friction when you get on and off the trampoline. Even though 8ft trampolines are on the smaller side you will still want one that will last for you a long time and give a great safe bounce. There is no need to go on the cheap and nasty side and get something that breaks in a few months and you have to get another one!