Action 3D Design

Action 3D is a fantastic piece of software where we can build you your own climbing frame giving you full control over price, layout and play features. As all the Action Climbing Frames are modular you can position and choose the components that you really want.

This means we can help you build great climbing frames in funny shaped gardens or around any trees or if you have a family of children over a wide age group you can build a climbing frame which they can all play on and enjoy. The Action Climbing Frame DYO means almost endless climbing frame possibilities (our modular range depending)!

So how much will it cost? We hear you asking. The design service is absolutely free to use and the price of your climbing frame is up to you.
Every climbing frame component has its own price so you can pick and choose parts according to your budget. We do not add any extra costs on to your climbing frame so you have full control.

Action 3D is a revolutionary piece of software that allows us to design you your very own climbing frame.

Action 3D enables us to design a customised climbing frame that is perfect for your garden.
This specialised piece of software has been designed to help us build you a climbing frame in a straightforward and simple way, and we will guide you throughout the entire process - from the first ideas through to delivery and installation.

Action climbing frame components are all modular, allowing you to choose your favourite components and position them in a layout that suit you, your space and your children! This means that even the most uniquely shaped gardens can have a fantastic climbing frame that fits perfectly.

Make a Unique Frame with Action 3D

Each garden is unique with its very own shape, size and have trees that grow in awkward places, so it is only right that there is a piece of software that can design a personalised climbing frame to simply mould around these features and provide an exciting adventure zone for the children.
Action 3D means flexibility when creating your climbing frame, and lets our designers help you design your own climbing frame to the exact specifications you require. If your family is made up of children over a wide age range, designing your own climbing frame is a fantastic opportunity to include a range of different accessories and activities that will challenge and excite each age group.

What Is Action 3D?

We have now launched the latest version of the climbing frame design software Action 3D. This software is the forefront of consumer-led design and gives anyone the opportunity to get involved in the world of climbing frame construction. It is a completely free of charge service, and is a fantastic way to buy a climbing frame - because you can now buy something something extra special for your family.

Encouraging Innovation

Not only is the concept of designing your own climbing frame new and exciting, it also allows an individual to be innovative. They have the opportunity to construct outdoor play equipment to their own specification. Who could know a child's abilities and interests more than the parent? This inventive piece of software gives parents the opportunity to create something which will suit their child more perfectly than any 'off-the-shelf' product ever could. Why would a parent go to another retailer when you allow them to create something perfect and customised for only themselves?

Easy To Create

Starting with an idea and your requirements our designers will start with a simple tower, then add to this using your ideas or you can allow them to create something for you with their expertise and creativity. You can pick and choose which pieces to add. The software is used to make up the perfect climbing frame including what you think your children will love best whether that is swings, climbing walls, fun accessories, slides or all of the above! These can then be moved around to your heart's content until we end up with something you will be more than anxious to show the children, neighbours and share on facebook! The design model will be emailed to you from our climbing frame experts and once approved and paid for it can be shipped out to your address in just few days! The wonderful thing about Action climbing frames is they are very high quality European pine and come witha 10 year warranty which gives you peace of mind when buying.

Something You Can Be Proud Of

Action 3D allows anyone to create something they can be really proud of. With each frame having a 10 year guarantee, they are buying a long lasting climbing frame that will give their family many hours of fun and enjoyment. The beauty of the 'modular' nature of Action climbing frames is that more pieces can be bought later on. People will come back to you over and over again! They may want to add another tower with a connecting bridge or buy new accessories to spruce up their climbing frame when the children get a little older. The possibilities with the interactive design software and flexible elements are endless (and so are the profits!) Using Action 3D is positively the best decision anyone could make when buying a climbing frame for their family, and will allow you to offer something truly unique to each one of your customers.

Get Started...

Want to design your own climbing frame but not sure where to start? We have written some notes to get you started...

1. How Much Space?

How much space are you willing to give over in your garden for the climbing frame - this is crucial as our designers need to know what they are working with.

2. Start With A Tower

The easiest way to start is with a tower - decide which tower you prefer out of the Arundel, Monmouth, Gate Lodge or Monmouth Lodge. If you like two, our designers can create two different models for you with two different towers so you can compare the prices and dimensions.

3. What Do Your Children Like?

Think about what your children like doing - are they swingers, climbers or do they love playing imaginatively?

Give our designers an idea of what would be an essential element on your frame - and what may be "nice to have". If you just don't know, then give us the ages of your children and we can create something based on your budget and space that will be suitable for your children.

4. What's Your Budget?

The total price of the climbing frame can vary depending on what our designers add - this is an important bit of information because the sky is the limit - we don't want to create something that is way over your budget! If you aren't sure - tell us your ideal budget and an absolute maximum and we will stick to this.

5. Send Us the Info!

All you need to do is email all the information above along with your name and address to:

Sit back and relax while our designers get to work for you!