Arundel Climbing Frames

Within our extensive collection of Action Climbing Frames, is this exciting range of Arundel Climbing Frames. With 8 different 'off-the-shelf' models to choose from, as well as the ability to design your very own climbing frame, the Arundel offers flexibility, choice and convenience.

The central piece of all Arundel Climbing Frame sets is the Tower. This tower provides plenty of opportunity to add extra accessories and additional towers when you're ready. Towers can be fixed directly onto each other without needing a bridge or connector, which increases the number of play activities for the children while still being extremely compact and taking up very little space within the garden.

Featuring a wooden roof and a tall platform that stands at 1.5m, the little ones can pretend they are hiding from jungle beasts that lurk below or take shelter from the circling crocodiles! This tower will spark a whole world of imaginative adventures for the children while sitting modestly and subtly in the corner of your garden.

Why Choose an Action Arundel Climbing Frame?

  • Compact & neat for gardens of different shapes & sizes

  • Perfect for younger children, with the ability to add components as they grow

  • Natural colouring blends beautifully into any garden

  • Arundel Tower features tall platform & roof - a perfect hideout!

  • Arundel Tower also features sandpit with seats located compactly at bottom

  • Features a fast gliding wave slide

  • 8 'off-the-shelf' models with ability to choose their layout

  • Ability to design your own (DYO) Arundel climbing frame with choice of components

Arundel Climbing Frame Sets

  • Single-Tower Arundel Climbing Frame Sets

  • The 'baby bear' of the Arundel range is the Arundel Climbing Frame, with added components for extra fun while providing you with the ability to choose alternative layouts to suit your garden, offering versatility without needing as much space as the Twin Towers.

    The range of activities on this frame, including a Commando Net and 2 wooden swing seats creates fun challenges for small children while being suitable to accompany the children as they grow. As the children get older, they may require more difficult challenges and a wider range of activities, which is why all of the Arundel Climbing Frame sets provides you with the ability to add more components when you're ready, making this a perfect choice for your family.

  • Multi-Tower Arundel Climbing Frame Sets

  • The Action Arundel Climbing Frame Sets are perfect for larger gardens with the opportunity to mould the layout of the frames to suit your garden. Whether you would prefer a corner unit to sit neatly in the corner of your garden, or a long frame to sit proudly along the length of your garden, the Arundel units can be positioned in a way that's convenient for you.

    Although larger than the single-tower units with multiple components, these Arundel Frame Sets are still perfect for younger children, with all the components and accessories sized to suit smaller arms and legs. The little ones will absolutely love the challenges they'll find while climbing the Arundel Sets, with exciting Commando Nets, multiple towers to explore via exciting bridges and fun wooden swings.

    If you would like to extend one of these 'off-the-shelf' sets with the addition of extra towers, bridges or any accessories, then please visit our 'Design Your Own' page that allows you to design your own climbing frame with a very simple step-by-step guide.