Pétanque and Boules Sets

boules petanque being played

Choosing which Boules Set to buy can be be difficult due to the large range available. With different sets made from a variety of materials and each one providing different equipment it can be a struggle to decide what to purchase.


selecting a boules set


Choosing your Boules Set

Boules sets are normally made from plastic, wood or metal and are often varying sizes. Most sets come with Boules which are either different colours or have different designs on them allowing players to identify which one is theirs. Boules sets can be purchased with 6 or 8 boules allowing either 2, 3 or 4 players to join in the game. Some sets come with 6 balls with 2 engraved patterns on meaning two players can have 3 boules each. This is what most competitive style sets include.

Our sets are designed for leisure games and come with 8 boules allowing 4 players to join in with this entertaining game. The Boules we include are made from a polished steel and have 4 different engravings on them allowing players to tell which one is which after they have been thrown.

A Jack or Cochonnet is included within both sets that we have to offer and this is thrown first with players having to throw their boules as close to this as they can. We also include a handy measure tool which prevents disagreements if there is a tricky call to decide who is closest.


boules storage cases


Finding a Storage Solution

Boules Sets come in a variety of carry and storage cases. Some sets simply come with a plastic holder, and some come in solid wooden storage boxes. We offer two storage options both of which are solid and durable allowing the game to be transported to any playing location.

Our fantastic boules set packed within a canvas carry bag is the ideal set for taking to the park or the beach to play with family and friends. With a zip close and a durable carry handle this set can be carried to the chosen playing location and can then be packed up and stored safely until the next game.

The Boules in a metal box is not only perfect for any garden but also makes a great gift. Packed within this solid metal case this elegant set of boules allows players of all ages and abilities to join in with this classic game. The boules in a metal box set not only allows it to be transported to various playing locations but also allows the game to be stored safely when not in play.

boules playing on gravel


Our wonderful Ptanque sets are ideal for any occasion and are perfect to give as a gift. This classic game can be played almost anywhere as long as the surface is fairly flat as you do not require a large amount of space or special area to play on.

The game can be played in the garden, on dirt, gravel, grass at the park or even on the beach. With this game able to be played almost anywhere it is fantastic to take on holiday, to a family gathering or have as entertainment at a party or wedding.

Boules is often a game which is associated with older generations but this game is suitable for players of all ages and suits a range of skill levels. One great thing about the game is that anybody can join in with the fun and laughter, improving over time as Boules can become addictive.

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