Buying a Wooden Playhouse

When buying a wooden playhouse, the various decisions you need to make can seem a little bit daunting. With the different colours, sizes and designs available to you, it's difficult to know where to start.

However, Big Game Hunters have tried to make this process as straight forward as possible so that you can quickly and easily choose the perfect playhouse for you.

On the Wooden Playhouses page we have split our different playhouses into different categories so that you can narrow down your search. Whether you have a smaller garden or larger, there is a selection of wooden playhouses that would suit different sizes and shapes of outdoor space.

If you don't have too much space in your garden, but still want your little ones to have as much space as possible in their playhouse, there is a section dedicated to two-storey playhouses which don't take up too much of a footprint but have a large amount of space inside. These two-storey playhouses have extra height to allow for the second acatalogy or bunks, making the interior feel wonderfully spacious.

Once you've narrowed down your search to the appropriate size, you can now have a browse through and choose which style and colour you prefer. This can be a good time to get the little ones involved and ask which colour and style they like the best - after all, they're the ones that will be creating all sorts of imaginative adventures in there! There are all sorts of different colours available, ready to suit all sorts of different personalities, so have a browse and see which would suit your little one the best. The pre-painted panels on many of the designs are also matched with panels that are left as natural wood colouring, allowing the playhouse to be wonderfully fun while also blending into the colours of the garden perfectly.

If you have decided to narrow down your search for the smaller options, you will have the choice between two-storey playhouses which include an external balcony, slide and ladder. If you have chosen the larger of the options, as well as having larger versions of two-storey playhouses with external balconies, ladder and slides, you will also have the option of the our larger single storey playhouses.

For playhouses that do not come with a floor, you will have the option of adding a floor. You can add a floor to your basket by visiting the Accessories section and choosing the matching floor. The option of adding a floor does not apply to all playhouses, but this is specified in the Accessories section.

Depending on the size of the playhouse may determine whether you would like to install a base. Please see 'Building a base for your Wooden Playhouse' for a step-by-step guide on how to build a suitable base. It is entirely up to you whether a base is installed, however a base can improve stability and provide a suitable area inside the playhouse for the floor to be positioned.

The lovely image used above, courtesy of Natalie, shows her daughter enjoying our Chestnut Hut playhouse.