Castle Playhouses


Our range of Castle playhouses are manufactured by the popular outdoor toy specialists, All Out Play. The Castle playhouses are perfect for use on their own, or can be connected to all other All Out Play units via bridges, with the exception of the Rocket which is not compatible for use with other units.

The Castle playhouses are wonderful for encouraging imaginative play, inspiring fairy tales and fantasies for the children to take part in, and opening up a world of adventures reminiscent of their childhood story books. We have listed individual units, as well as combination packages, however if you wish to customise your own combination, please contact us as we can arrange this for you, and talk you through the possibilities - the possibilities are endless!

With Gatehouses, Turrets, Galleons, Forts and many more designs, your outside space will become the most sought after Kingdom of them all. With split-levels, peep-hole windows, ladders, slides and flag poles, the little ones will be occupied for years to come.

As the All Out Play units are suitable for creating combinations which would affect the positioning and amount of accessories, our prices reflect the units individually, and most accessories are sold separately. The amount and position of accessories are dependent upon the type of combination/individual unit you choose. If you wish to include accessories or create a combination, we ask that you contact us to arrange this and we can provide a quotation that suits your needs.

We hope you enjoy browsing through, and if you need any help or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Children's fascination with castles and Kingdoms can be quite difficult to explore in this day and age. Castles tend to date back to medieval times, and often they are no longer standing. And unfortunately, the ones that are still standing aren't easily accessible to youngsters, especially for traditional use. The most adventurous opportunities usually involve a lengthy tour around a half-decrepit castle, where touching things is a definite no-go.

So, the All out Play Castle Playhouse range is here to help. The little ones can be part of medieval Britain by owning their very own Castle. Brilliantly detailed features give these playhouses great levels of realism, while including fun activity attachments for extra enjoyment.

Slides, climbing bars and bridges give these playhouses an extra dimension, mixing medieval charm with modern quirks. They'll love displaying their chivalrous character and defending their land with their very own castle.

With an extensive range of castle combinations, you can choose between modest and subtle Gatehouses or customise your garden to become an elaborate Kingdom. Try packing out your new royal residence with children's furniture and accessories. Or make the most of your newfound Kingdom and invite their little companions round for a big feast fit for a King.

Man the drawbridge and climb the turrets in All Out Play Castle Playhouses...

Please Note: All Out Play playhouses can all be connected via bridges except for the Rocket playhouse, as the platform on the Rocket is much higher than the other components.