Climbing Frame Categories

It is difficult buying a climbing frame if you are not sure what you are looking for. We have split all our wooden climbing frames into different categories here to help you narrow down which one you may want:

Single Tower Climbing Frames

Double Tower / Twin Climbing Frames

Climbing Franes for Toddlers

Just the Climbing Frame Towers

Remember, all of the Action play equipment can be customised in the Design Your Own section.

Build Your Own Climbing Frame

This means, if you find what you want but just want to tweak it or add something to it you can!

To view ALL of the additional pieces that are available in the entire Action Modular range go to our View All Parts and Add-Ons section.

In our design your own climbing frame section, we also have an easy step-by-step builder which will allow you to choose the tower or towers you want, followed by the parts and accessories that are suitable for that particular tower. Just click the button below to be taken straight there:

Create Your Own Climbing Frame

We also have the Action 3D design software, where we put together indvidual parts so we can create a model for you of your very own climbing frame, just click the box below to go to our Action 3D Design section.

Action 3D Design