DIY Climbing Frames

Building your own Climbing Frame from scratch can be a great project to embark upon if you have the skills, patience and imagination needed.

It can also be a great way to save money and create something that you and your children can be proud of.

That said, it could be a daunting task, so we have put together a few handy hints and tips to get you started...

Plan, Plan and Plan Again!

Planning is key. It sounds obvious, but you would not belive the number of people who begin a project without thinking it through and wonder why it doesn't work out in the end.

We will be providing specially made plans for you to use in the near future, and for next to nothing - so please, watch this space!

You need plans and designs for the frame itself.

You need to plan out what tools/materials you need to buy and where you will buy them from.

It is also a good idea to set yourself a time frame (pardon the pun!) If you give yourself reasonable goals and timescales, then you avoid getting fed up with the project and giving up. It can be disheartening for a project to take a while, so it will help you stay motivated if you have set yourself targets.

Think about:

What age your children are now, and what age they will be...

Do you want your toddler and your 11 year old to be able to play on the climbing frame? Take into consideration things like ladder and step height - would a small child be able to climb up?

Equally think about the roof or bar height on any towers or platforms - would an older child have to stoop to get on them?

What your children will enjoy playing or playing with the most...

Do they like climbing, swinging, sliding, imaginative play? There can be many different elements to play that some children like more than others, so think about how your child or children play.

If you need inspiration have a look at our climbing frame accessories section - there are some great packages which include more than one accessory which are a great cost effective way to get everything you need. All the accessories are safety tested so you will have peace of mind as well as durable, long lasting add-ons to your DIY climbing frame.

If you need design inspiration then head to our <a href="Build-Your-Own-Climbing-Frame.html">Design and Build Your Own</a> section where you can create your own climbing frame from our modular range.

Shop Around For Materials

Again, sounds like an obvious piece of advice, but a lot of people will go to their local builders merchants or chain DIY store and take the first quote they get. More local builders merchants are more likely to cut to order, so if you have your plans and know exactly what size wood you need you may be able to save time and get them to cut it for you.

If you are not sure about materials, speak to people who know - anything that is going to be outside for a long time will need to be hard wearing and weather resistant. YOu could speak to the local builders merchants, do some research on the web or speak to a carpenter.

Think Safe, Think Safety

It would be an ideal world if accidents never happened, but unfortunatley they do - especially when children are involved! Look at floor surfacing and fixtures for things like swings and slides. It is inexpensive to buy professionally made swing fittings and rubber safety mats, so always worth investing in.

Click on the links below to have a look at our swing seats, climbing frame accessories (including slides). We also have a range of climbing frame parts which can be bought individually. So if you want to add a bridge or ramp or even a set of monkey bars to your home-design but are unsure how to make them, here you can buy them ready-made!

Climbing Frame Accessories

Climbing Frame Parts and Add-Ons

Our climbing frame accessories section also includes a number of safety accessories such as a choice of different rubber mats which you can place underneath the swing or climbing frame, play bark which is a slightly more expensive safety flooring but will offer an overall safety covering to the entire area beneath your frame.

The <a href="Swing-Hangers-Hardware.html">swing hangers and hooks</a> section also includes strong, galvanised steel swing hooks to ensure that you have the strongest attachments if you are creating a swing or swing arm. This section also includes metal swing corners - making it much easier to create your swing giving you a sturdy and solid corner to join your beams. The hand grips are also a very useful piece of hardware, adding extra grip to parts of your play equipment which is especially useful if you will have small children using it.