DIY Dolls House Play Mats

Creating a dolls house play mat

Creating play mats, whether to play with a dolls house or dolls house furniture, inspires lots of fun! If you don't have space for a dolls house, furniture sets alone can inspire huge amounts of creative playtime without needing to furnish a house.

Furnishing a house is so much fun, but arranging furniture pieces on the kitchen table with a set of dolls can be just as exciting. Imagination is the key to exciting playtime, and the accessories are here to support and encourage this imagination.

This provides so much scope for creating completely customised play areas. Playing on the kitchen table or playroom floor allows children to spread out their dolls house furniture, inventing their very own play worlds. Little ones can be completely inspired by their own experience of home-making, mixing and matching different accessories however they wish and making homely environments for the dolls.

DIY cardboard dolls house play mat

Encouraging little ones to use their artistic skills to draw their very own play mats creates wonderful customised settings, ready to furnish with wooden accessories. Drawing 2D rooms on paper with lots of colour and details creates a multi-dimensional play area once furnished with the wooden accessories, making a really fun and completely unique setting to explore with the dolls.

Drawing carpets, windows, rugs and even pet animals will make lots of exciting areas for the dolls to play in. Different colour crayons, paints and pencils will make bright and interesting rooms to furnish and they can be as big as the little ones like.

To get even more creative, adding pipe cleaners, tissue paper and cotton wool will create exciting 3D settings. Cereal boxes make the perfect bases for dolls house rooms; simply cut the largest sides out of the box to make two separate floors or glue the edges together to make one bigger one. Cardboard floors are easier to decorate and more durable for little ones to play with.

DIY rooms for dolls house furniture

Youngsters (with the help of a grown-up!) can even leave the small sides of the boxes on by cutting out just one of the large sides, and use the sides as small walls - then there's extra space to decorate! Walls will look great with drawn on picture frames and fun wallpaper designs. Tissue paper or patterned paper glued to the walls will make the rooms very pretty and homely for the dolls.

Drawings of lamps and book cases on the walls are lovely little additions and are great for encouraging children to develop their artistic skills. They can even add some little flower pots to glue onto the walls, made with tissue paper for the flowers and pipe cleaners for the stems.

Leaving the sides on the cereal boxes to make walls also creates great partitions between rooms, so they can have as many different rooms as they wish, together in a bungalow-inspired layout. Each room can have a set of dolls house furniture or the furniture sets can be completely mixed, making very exciting spaces for the dolls to discover.

Once the wooden furniture accessories have moved into these new rooms, the rooms will be complete with so much for the dolls to explore.

Drawing pet animals

As well as making customised rooms ready to decorate with dolls house furniture, children can also have lots of fun creating extra play mats with a variety of themes.

Making their very own pet animals will inspire lots of creativity, and they can be as big as they like! Little ones can practice careful hand-eye coordination by drawing them to the same scale as the dolls house furniture, or they can be big animal drawings to add lots of atmosphere to the play area.

Painted cotton wool balls make lovely fluffy fur for the animals, with felt being perfect for the heads, eyes and tails! The dolls will love their new fluffy friends.

It's a great opportunity for the little ones to create miniature versions of their own worlds, recreating their very own pet animals from home and practicing their artistic skills!

Adding pet animals into a garden area play mat is lots of fun, making exciting outside spaces for the dolls to walk around and discover the outdoors.

Wooden furniture accessories are the perfect addition to these themed play mats, creating comfortable places for the dolls to sit or camp outdoors.