Funky Playhouses

Childrens Wooden Playhouses

Let your kids imaginations run free with a funky wooden playhouse! Big Game Hunters wooden playhouses for kids are totally fun-packed with lots of unusual and unique features. Our wooden Funky playhouses include wild and wonky windows and doors, little peep holes, charming chimneys and bright skylights. We pre-paint our kids playhouses in bright, water based CCA-free colour stains - making them perfectly safe, wonderfully colourful, and ready to play immediately!

Our wooden playhouses for kids include lots of funky features and interesting details, transforming playtime into a bundle of exciting adventures. The quirky details and wonky edges have been carefully and specifically designed to spark unique types of imaginative play, allowing the little ones to explore their imaginations and bring out their creative personalities. With different styles, colours, sizes and shapes to choose from, there will be a perfect funky playhouse for your family.

Kids find magic and fun in everything, and these funky wooden playhouses simply provide a safe and wonderfully exciting environment for them to do so. Playing with friends, whether imaginary or real, in the comfort of an exciting little home of their own will boost their confidence, while helping to develop their social and motor skills. We took great care in designing our wooden playhouses for kids, from the interior build with bunks and balconies to the exterior funky features. Including various additional play activities such as slides, ladders and balconies; the fun never stops inside these kids playhouses!

Allowing children to explore their imaginations and fantasies is key in their development, and these playhouses for kids have been designed especially to spark this special form of play. Kid's playhouses can become all sorts of fun environments; a little cottage by the sea, a cosy barn, a King's Castle, a Princess' royal mansion, or a lion's den... The list is endless.

Have a browse of our multi-coloured treats by clicking on the range of kids playhouses above! Including Blues, Pinks, Greens and Reds, there's plenty of homes to choose from!

Funky playhouses are the latest, most innovative design to date. We are so proud of these little beauties. The quirky shapes and wacky detailing inspire lots of imaginative fun!

These unique designs keep all the fun and cosiness of those secret tree house hideouts, without needing trees!

These Funky playhouses are beautifully modern with traditional detailing to inspire lots of enchanting adventures, with the addition of slides, ladders and even sandpits for extra creative play! The high-sided colourful slides, ladders with thick treads, balconies with handrails, sturdy platforms and specially treated timber, means the little ones can play in complete safety.

Simple and easy construction, with the assistance of just two people, makes these little gems perfect for any family. Whether you're a busy working parent, or don't feel particularly partial to spending your treasured weekends building an adventure playground, there's a Funky playhouse right up your 'street'.

With an endless amount of timbered adventures waiting to be explored with each and every Funky playhouse, the little ones won't be able to wait. And actually, with just a 30 minute installation time, they won't have to!

Explore, Learn, Play and Have Fun with Funky Playhouses!