Giant Chess Buying Guide

Giant Chess Buying Guide

Buying a Giant Chess Set

Buying a Giant Chess Set is fairly simple and easily done. There are a few things to consider, but once you have made a decision on these the question of which one to buy will have been answered.

There are three things to consider when buying a set the size, the cost and what extras or packages you may want.

The two sets that are currently available are the Standard Garden Chess Set which comes with a pvc mat, and our larger set the Giant Chess Pieces can be bought alone or in a package as explained below.

What About Giant Wooden Chess Sets?

Big Game Hunters used to sell wooden chess sets, thinking that they were the more superior type of giant chess set, but we soon got wise to the issues that can be had with wooden chess sets. These sets are naturally a lot more expensive than the sets we currently sell - you are talking anything up to 4000 for a wooden chess set!

The sets, considering their high prices, do not ship well to customers. We found that transporting these sets around the country cost a lot more than any other set as the delicate nature of some parts of the pieces (the decorative parts which protrude from the tops of many pieces) meant that they could easily break even in the most careful of couriers' hands. Broken pieces arriving to a customer causes a lot of disappointment and heartache as many had spent a lot of money on these wooden chess sets in one go. As wood is a natural product, there can be many imperfections, splits and cracks in the wood. This means that is is very hard to get a set which was completely 100% perfect, so we felt that we did not want to sell something which we could not guarantee would arrive in one piece in perfect condition.

Giant Chess Size Guide

Size is important when buying anything which will need to be set out and played in your house, garden, club or school.

Considering how much space you have to put it is also important when considering buying a set. How much space do you have? Do you have space to store it safely? The Giant Chess Pieces (the larger set) can be left outside all year round if you wish. However, if it is not somewhere private or secure the set may need packing away somewhere when not in use.

The sizes of the two sets are illustrated in the image below, it shows the height of the King and also how large the board is in total. Remember, you will need space around the outside of the board for the players to take their place so allow for this too.

Please note that the Giant Chess Pieces do not come with a board as standard, unlike the standard garden chess (which comes with a mat).

Giant Chess Size Comparison

Giant Chess Price Guide

The chess sets and packages cater for a variety of different budgets. If you want to see exactly which ones will suit you, they have been laid out below to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Under 50

For under 50, the perfect set for you is the Standard Garden Chess Set.

this set is a full set including both the pieces and a mat to play on. It is the smallest of the sets, but offers amazing value for money at this very low price.

Standard Garden Chess

50 - 100

Unfortunately there are no chess sets in this price bracket. However, we do have our Giant Garden Draughts Pieces within this price range. Draughts is also great for younger people to learn quickly as the rules and set up is not as complicated as the game of chess.

Giant Garden Draughts Pieces

100 - 350

Our biggest and best Giant Chess Pieces are within this price bracket. Despite being a little more expensive than Draughts and our Standard Garden Chess, you really will notice the difference in both the size and quality of these pieces. You can buy the Giant Chess Pieces with Mat within this price range too. This may not be needed as you may decide to use the game on your patio or ready-marked out area.

Giant Chess Pieces