Giant Dominoes

Giant Dominoes in garden

Giant Dominoes are a great way to entertain children, adults or even your grandparents. There are many complex games you can play with dominoes, but there are also some more simpler matching games you could play with little people. The dominoes have coloured numbers, so you can play matching colours as well as numbers and you will find this lends itself well to being used as a learning tool for toddlers who are learning numbers and colours.

Giant Dominoes can of course be played in many different ways - just like the original game of dominoes. The Dominoes are just like a deck of cards in a way and there are many many different games that you can play with them.

Basic dominoes rules (and the rules you are likely to have played before) are:

  • Place all the dominoes face down and mix them around
  • Each player takes seven dominoes and keeps them hidden from the other players
  • The player with the highest double places that double out into play - on the table, ground, grass (wherever you are playing!)
  • Play then continues to the left of the player who placed the double - they must place a matching domino next to the double that is already there, if they can't go they must pick up a domino from the original face-down pile (sometimes called the 'bone yard'.
  • Players will continue in this way - if a player picks up from the bone yard they must keep doing this until they can go.
  • Scoring can be done in a number of different ways but we prefer the easiest way, which is once one person has got rid of all of their dominoes, the other players add up all the numbers on their remaining dominoes. It is therefore the person who has scored the least after all the rounds who wins.

We have a set which comes in a beautiful wooden box and another which comes in a green canvas bag. The set in a wooden box is really nice when given as a gift and looks great on display. This could be useful in a school, a children's bedroom or playroom or even in your living room. The version in a bag is slightly lighter but the dominoes are roughly the same size meaning your dominoes game will still be just as giant no matter which set you choose. The bag is obviously not as good looking or as durable as the wooden box so the choice is mainly in that. The box does have a handle so is fairly easy to transport - although it is easier t pick up the pack so if you know you are going to be taking this away with you somewhere or transporting it from one place to another frequently the bag may be the better option for you. Whichever set you choose, we are confident that your giant dominoes will be treasured by your family for years.