Monkey Bars Climbing Frames

A Monkey Bars Climbing Frame offers a huge amount of fun for children of all ages, particularly older children who require more challenging activities. Combining wooden climbing frames with monkey bars adds a new level of climbing fun and encourages the children to experiment with different heights. Your little monkeys will love swinging from tree to tree (or bar to bar!) and testing their upper body strength on their new monkey bars climbing frame. The monkey bars are a design feature that will be cherished by your children for years to come, with the different challenges constantly keeping them on their toes!

Various accessories can be added to your Monkey Bars Climbing Frames, allowing you to create a smaller or larger design to suit your outdoor space while choosing the most suitable components for your little climbers. These accessories include a Commando Net, Slide, and Ladder which can be laid out in a variety of different positions to fit into your garden. Accessories are included within the single-tower sets available at the top of this page, however you can also design your own Monkey Bars Climbing Frame by combining as many of the accessories as you wish. Simply follow our Buying Guides for advice on whether an 'off-the-shelf' or customised model would be best for you.

Children love to climb and hang on things, and these climbing frames give them the perfect chance to do so! You'll soon find them swinging around and hanging upside down like little monkeys, and these climbing frames make sure that they're safe and secure while they do so. A very sturdy structure and impressive build quality is at the heart of all of our climbing frames, making safety our number one priority. Of course, as with any climbing frames, we do recommend that children are supervised at all times while playing.

Why Choose Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars?

  • Monkey Bars combine hanging & climbing in one brilliantly fun frame

  • Challenging, inspiring & creates social space for older children

  • Develops acrobatic skill & upper body strength

  • Climbing frames with monkey bars encourages & develops mixture of skills

  • Ability to design your own wooden climbing frame with monkey bars

  • Children can play together and challenge each other's skills

  • Develops child's fitness, encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors and keep active

  • Frame is compact & econimically designed to suit all gardens

Wooden Climbing Frames with Monkey Bars

  • Single-Tower Monkey Bars Climbing Frame

  • With the main source of climbing fun being the Monkey Bars, each monkey bars climbing frame is wonderfully compact. It isn't a necessity to combine more than one tower to gain the full Monkey Bar fun as the posts that support one end of the monkey bars is a ladder, allowing the children to hoist themselves up and start swinging between the bars. The tower stands vertically, with the climbing bars crossing at a height of 2.65m, meaning that the frame doesn't take up much garden space while still providing a spacious play area for the kids that they won't easily grow out of.

    While being very conservative with space structurally, the additonal activities attached onto the central tower provide the children with alternative activities to choose from. The Climbing Net adds even more challenge for the children, developing upper and lower body strength while the slide gives them a fun way down to the ground after all that exercise!

    The wooden climbing frames with monkey bars are also multi-functional with an option of transforming the monkey bars into a swing frame by simply attaching a swing seat to the pair of swing hangers which are positioned towards the middle of the frame. This further compacts the climbing frame by giving your children multiple elements to play on within the same frame, while keeping within the same neat footprint.

  • Multi-Tower Monkey Bars Climbing Frame

  • As with all of our climbing frame ranges, there is the possility of creating wooden climbing frames with monkey bars that features multiple towers. We would recommend that you follow our Action 3D guide to help you design your own climbing frame with the use of our unique program that allows you to place climbing frame pieces together virtually, and our team of experts then advise you on your design to check that everything will work in the way you wish, ensuring that your family can have the perfect climbing frame!

    As the towers and support ladders are so compact, it is possible to combine multiple towers and accessories on the same frame without taking up too much of the garden space. A popular choice is to combine two towers with two sets of monkey bars, and then use one set of monkey bars as their primary 'monkey-swinging' function while using the other set of monkey bars as a swing frame. This then gives you the option of deciding which frame is used for which function, depending on the size and shape of your outside space.

    Wooden climbing frames with monkey bars can open a world of imaginative activities, with the monkey bars functioning as an escape route from hungry sharks below or giving them an exciting assault course to whizz through!