Origins of the Wooden Playhouse

Where playhouses began...

The magic of make believe doesn't seem so farfetched when we're little. The thought of having our own little house, whether it's built up a tree, in a tree or using bits of a tree, is completely feasible in our fairytale-influenced minds. However, the reality can sometimes be a bit disappointing.

Walt Disney gave Winnie The Pooh a whopping great hole in a giant tree trunk where he goes about his daily business, meeting various furry friends and eating copious amounts of delicious honey. The creative J. Wyss gave us some magical adventures in The Swiss Family Robinson where the struggle to survive on a lonely and deserted island becomes an endearing and fun adventure. And in a rather admirable manner, the Robinson family collects an astounding array of bits and bobs, courtesy of nature's magic, and designs a beautiful and extremely resourceful tree-top home.

Unfortunately for us, Dad wasn't able to carve a giant chunk out of the garden tree, and so the long-awaited wooden cavern still remains on the drawing board, and the honey in the fridge. Similarly, the bits and bobs found by the Robinsons seem to equate to grass, gravel and mud in the average British back garden. Not to mention the porthole needed to lift their original Samaan tree from the island of Tobago in the Caribbean to our modest home in the south of England. Again, this enchanting wooden dream is yet to come true.

However, we at Big Game Hunters have tried to capture this magic so that our children can feel part of many exciting adventures and fantasies just like those in their favourite stories. Little ones have big imaginations, so our wooden playhouses are designed and constructed with this in mind, from the very first drawings through to the final inspections. Playhouses bring fun, creativity and charm to their playtime and to your garden. The discoveries and quests in Winnie The Pooh and Swiss Family Robinson aren't so farfetched after all, and with these carefully crafted playhouses the children can invent their own adventures and games, while bringing their imaginations to life and their fantasies to the fore.