PEFC Sustainable Timber

What is PEFC?

PEFC stands for the Program for the Endorsement of Forest C certification. It is the largest forest certification organisation in the world. There are over 700,000 forest owners and over 240 million hectares of forest covered by the certification.
The PEFC is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation which has been created to promote sustainable forestry and forest management. Not only does is certify forests at the source, but also promotes good practice throughout the entire supply chain. This means that is works towards ensuring that all products that come from one of the certified forests are created with ecological, ethical and social standards.
Every country has its own national forest certification system, and each and every one of these goes through rigorous third party checks and tests. This means that the PEFC's sustainability standards are consistent throughout the world.
Here is a short video presentation to tell you more about the PEFC (requires sound):

To read more about the PEFC and what they do, please visit:

Our Wooden Climbing Frames

Big Game Hunters take sourcing climbing frames very seriously and we make sure that we buy responsibility - ensuring that our wooden products are made from sustainable sources.
All our wooden Action Climbing Frames are sourced from PEFC certified forests and we are proud of that fact. Our world and our trees ares extremely precious and we love wooden climbing frames so wanted to make sure we had the best products from sustainable sources.

Only The Best Quality Materials

Not only is our wood from sustainable forests, it is also treated and manufactured with every care and attention to details to make sure you really do get the maximum life and best quality and service from your play equipment.
  • All edges are planed smooth with rounded edges
  • All fixing holes and recesses are pre drilled as guides for when you come to assemble
  • All timber is pressure treated using a non-toxic chromium/cadmium and arsenic free solution approved for children's playground equipment.

All this care and attention means we can proudly offer you a 10 year guarantee against rot and infestation of the timber.

The Natural Quality of Wood

We know that metal play equipment is not as good to look at - that's why we have the biggest range of quality wooden climbing frames on the market. Having a natural wooden climbing frame will blend into your garden, whilst being just as tough and durable as metal structures. As wood is natural it will age and weather - but this will only help it to blend into its natural surroundings even more.

All timber, as a natural product is different and unique - with variations in the grain and knots on each piece. This can add beautifully to the unique element of your frame and give the frame its own character.

Wood does also expand and contract with changes in temperature and slight cracks can appear in wood over time. Sometimes small cracks can be there in the beginning and disappear with time. The majority of these cracks and unique features on the wood such as knots and grain will not affect the structural stability of your climbing frame.

On occasion, the nature and behaviour of wood to changes in the atmosphere can mean cracks have formed and grown long enough for small parts to break or weaken. If you have any serious concerns with anything to do with your frame, please send pictures and explain your concern to:

More often than not, the crack will disappear over time. Action climbing frames have tried to reduce the amount of natural cracks occurring by machining rectangular timbers rather than round timbers. Rectangular timbers are a lot stronger than round timbers and contains less heartwood which means the chance of cracks appearing is reduced.