Playhouse Decor Ideas

showing decor in playhouse

A lovely way of making your playhouse even more homely for your little one is to decorate and accessorise with little things that they'll love.

Now that you've finished painting, or if you've chosen a house that's pre-painted, it's the perfect opportunity to adorn the new home with playhouse decor for that special finishing touch.

Little details such as curtains, shelves and picture frames can make all the difference. This can be a great activity to do as a family; take a trip to local charity shops, DIY craft shops, car-boot sales or have a little search around the loft to find some old treasures.

This guide includes top tips and ideas to transform your playhouse into an even more exciting home for the kids!

handmade yellow curtains in playhouse

Home-made curtains

If you haven't got any old curtains (that you're willing to cut up and re-size!), then simply find a piece of material and cut it to a size that is slightly longer than the window it will be covering, and twice the width of the window.

Then cut small holes three inches apart along the width of the material. As a way of stopping the holes from fraying (without needing to make professional bindings), use iron-on hemming tape.

Then you'll need a piece of rope/thick string to act as a curtain pole. Starting at one end, thread the rope through the holes and then attach each end of the rope onto either side of the playhouse window.

Using either screw-ended hooks or flat-based hooks is ideal, and this will depend on whether you drill the hooks into the playhouse wall or glue them on. Their new playhouse will now feel wonderfully cosy!

Choosing the fabric is a fun activity to do together, the little ones can choose their favourite colour or patterns to spark a playhouse decor theme.

It's really easy to take the curtains down when the playhouse isn't being played with, just remove either end of the string from the hooks and the curtains will stay as one piece to store away.

child looking at picture frames inside playhouse

Make your own picture frames

Lots of families have picture frames and pretty paintings around their homes. So, what better way to make the playhouse homely? The little ones can create some interesting art work of their own!

This is a great way of getting the kids outside and letting their imaginations run wild with paints and colours, and they'll love seeing their own masterpieces on the wall afterwards.

Choosing photo frames for these masterpieces can be just as fun, whether it be searching the loft for old unwanted ones, going on a little shopping trip or making your own.

Shelves and storage

The kids will love copying mummy and daddy by organising lots of books and magazines all neatly onto shelves, and will help stop the playhouse from becoming a home for mess!

It's important that any shelves are checked for rough edges or split wood, and to sand these down to ensure all materials are smooth and safe.

Extra little add-ons to the shelves, such as drinks holders or a dedicated space for pretend cooking, a space to play games or have a tea party, will spark plenty of great adventures.

Lightweight floating style shelves are ideal; they're really sturdy yet light so they won't put pressure on the playhouse walls, and they're easy to take down as they just slot onto the fixings.

child playing with furniture in playhouse

Adding furniture

If the little ones would like somewhere a little more substantial to sit with their companions, furnishing the playhouse with a little table and chairs will spark lots of fun. Perfect for tea parties and pretend dining with their friends, a plastic or wooden table and chairs is a brilliant addition to the home. They can always be taken inside and added to the kid's bedroom or nursery if the kids would like more floor space to play in the playhouse.

examples of cushions

Cushions and blankets

This is a lovely alternative to furniture, as blankets and cushions provide a comfortable place to sit while being easy to scoop up and take indoors. The kids can cosy up with their favourite books and nestle in lots of cushions and blankets in their very own home.

Whether your playhouse is built straight onto grass or has a wooden floor, blankets and cushions are a comforting way of making their playhouse even more homely.

Choosing washable blankets and cushion covers is ideal as they may get a little grubby from the grass underneath.

examples of bunting and garlands

Bunting and garlands

Adding a little bunting or a garland (or even both!) instantly makes any playhouse look pretty and inviting! Themed bunting is great for dressing up your house to suit different events; Halloween, Christmas, Easter or birthdays - any theme you like!

Setting up an arts and crafts table in the garden for the kids to make their own bunting is a great way of getting them outdoors while bringing out their creativity and making exciting accessories for their new house. This makes them really personal and can be drawn or painted however they wish!

examples of fairy lights

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can make anything beautiful! Decorating the playhouse in sparkling lights will make it a magical place to play, and is a great way of dressing the house up as part of a theme. Flashing green and red fairy lights can transform the playhouse into Santa's little grotto, while pretty white globe lights can create a cosy chalet in a winter wonderland.

When choosing your lights, there are only a few things to consider; where you'd like them to go as this will determine the length or size of the lights, the colour and how you're planning on powering them.

LED string lights will give a stronger white colour and soft white lights glow with a warm yellow tint. Fairy lights often have a few different settings so you can watch as the playhouse takes on a variety of exciting effects. There are lots of colours to choose from, so including the little one's favourite colour is sure to be a big hit!

Little note; remember to keep in mind that children's playhouses are not designed to be completely watertight, so it's a good idea to take the furnishings down when they've finished playing, or in rain showers.

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