Rectangular Trampoline Pads

Rectangular Trampolines have a fantastic expressive bounce perfect for performing tricks and this is why they are used in performance gymnastics. However if the pads begin to show signs of wear and tear you will need to have them replaced in order t offer the best possible proection for the user coming into contact with the spriing or frame.

We supply deluxe pads for 7ft x 10ft and 10ft x 17ft trampolines which are thicker and wider than standard trampoline pads. They are filled with 27mm thick sealed EPE foam which prevents water from seeping in and causing mould to grow inside the pad.

The covering is made from green PVC which is soft to the touch and UV resistant so it won't weaken in sunlight. It is easy to attach the pads to attach them with the use of elasticated clips. This means you can have them on your trampoline very quickly and them looking fantastic.