Round Trampolines

Round trampolines are the most popular trampoline shape, offering a fun and enjoyable bounce while being brilliantly convenient and compact for different shaped gardens.

The most popular of all the domestic recreational trampolines, we have an extensive range of round trampolines right here. Knowing how different sizes, prices and shapes of trampoline suit different families - we have provided a range of packages with various budgets in mind too. Round trampolines give an aesthetically pleasing trampoline - which look even better when surrounded by one of our trampoline nets. It is extremely easy and inexpensive to replace the trampoline pads when they wear out which will keep your trampoline looking fresher and newer for longer. There is also a whole range of other trampoline accessories which will add to the safety and function of your round trampoline. These will give your children more fun whilst giving you more confidence to let your children play for hours without worrying about their safety.

This section enables you to see our whole range of round trampolines in all available sizes. By the time you have reached this page, we hope that we have helped guide you towards the most suitable shape trampoline for your garden. This page has filtered all of our trampolines in order to show you our range of circular trampolines. The guide below explains the advantages of circular trampolines and why they are a brilliant shape to choose for your garden.

Bounce Quality

Round trampolines inherently encourage the user to jump in the middle of the jumping area due to the springs which all point in the same direction. Due to the central direction of the springs, the most flexible area of the trampoline is the middle, and when the user jumps on this section of the trampoline, the rebound is at its greatest. This is brilliant for a trampoline enthusiast who wishes to bounce on their own and enjoy the exhilarating effect of a central rebound.

Garden shapes and sizes

Circular trampolines are particularly ideal for gardens of uneven shapes and sizes as the circular shape fits compactly into any area. This of course depends on the size of the trampoline you have chosen; advice on how to choose the most suitable size is available here.

It is often preferred to position the trampoline as close to the garden perimeter as possible to prevent the trampoline from imposing too much on the outdoor space, however, many gardens do not have straight or even perimeters and therefore a circular trampoline is ideal for this as the round nature sits conveniently in any space without intruding on its surroundings.

Gentle & Non-intrusive Appearance

Round trampolines are also subtle and gentle to look at with no straight edges or corners, meaning that the trampoline can sit conveniently and modestly without interfering too heavily on the garden. This circular shape uses the space in a very economical way, particularly for uneven shaped gardens, leaving the rest of your precious garden space intact for all other uses!

It is always recommended that a safety enclosure is used with trampolines of any shape and size. The circular version is particularly attractive to look at, with a soft and gentle round appearance which can seem particularly fun and approachable for very young children.

Little ones can have particular preferences for certain colours and shapes, with some seeming more approachable than others. The circular shape combined with the soft and natural green shading of the round trampolines are designed to feel friendly and accessible to young children, making the bouncing exciting and fun!

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