Safety Flooring and Mats

Climbing Frame Safety Flooring

Making the floor around and underneath your climbing frame or swing can be a big concern for many parents. Climbing frames need to be on grass, but a lot of people may have very hard ground in the position where the play equipment sits. We have a few options to make your climbing frame or swing flooring safer for your child.

Rubber mats are a good option if there are only certain areas you would like to cover. There are two weights of matting, and both allow grass to grow through so you will not damage the turf underneath them. These can be a great idea for the area at the bottom of a slide, underneath some monkey bars or underneath the swing seats on your swing. Not only will they cushion a fall should your child accidentally fall onto the ground, but they will also prevent the ground from earing away.

For example, where your children may swing backwards and forwards on their swing seat, their feet may brush along the ground underneath the swing. The ground will eventually wear away leaving exposed dirt which will get muddy and slippery when wet. A rubber mat will help to prevent this from happening.