Single Tower Climbing Frames

We have a great range of single tower climbing frames. The single towers are small climbing frames ideal for the family who want a more compact outdoor play area without compromising on the various challenges and play opportunities that climbing frames offer.

The single tower climbing frame is not just a small climbing frame it's a mini adventure centre where your children can let their imagination run away with them and go wild, every day can be a different adventure.

Play is an important part of a child's development and aids their imagination and social skills, you can be sure that having your own climbing frame will have your children wanting to bring their friends round to play and their imaginations are a fascination, you will have carefree giggling kids having the time of their lives all in your garden.

Small Climbing Frames that can be adapted

As our frames are modular they can be added to at any time, so as your children grow your climbing frame can grow too, always having something to keep their interest. Some of the additions to your tower we offer are swings, slides, stairs, commando nets, monkey bars and more, and then there is an array of attachments to turn your small climbing frame into anything your child's imagination wants.

The single tower climbing frame can provide hours of fun for your children, you will soon find yourself being involved in their role play games and having much fun in the outdoors right on your doorstep.

The range of single tower small climbing frames that we have covers all ages, from the York Tower which is more suited to the younger child with its multi levels within a wide tower that even the smallest child can climb up to the more climbing towers such as the Arundel Climbing Tower that has the commando climbing net for the adventurous child and the one level platform they have to climb to.

A Small Climbing Frame will encourage your children to get outside

When the sun is out and you want to go out and get the garden looking nice after the winter, the children will love being able to play while you work, getting the kids outside with you in their far away castle or secret spy fort is by far better than them being stuck to the modern day computer world. Having a small climbing frame will ensure they are getting exercise and fresh air which is important for them growing into healthy young people. It is a great way for your children to explore the outdoors, keep active and play amongst their friends. When they have castles, forts or whatever they want their tower to be they have a world of possibilities for their imaginations to soar.

Even the Small Climbing Frames are built to last

All our climbing frames are of an incredibly high quality with lots of exciting features for children, they come with easy to build instructions and have a Ten Year Warranty so you can have every confidence in your new purchase and look forward to many years of happy climbing for your children.

Our small climbing frames offer great structural stability and blend into any garden, they age and weather beautifully, as each piece of timber has a variation of grains and knots you will have your very own unique single tower climbing frame.