Skyhigh Trampolines

Skyhigh Orbisphere Trampolines for sale

Our flagship round trampoline range is the Skyhigh Orbisphere. Since the launch of the line it has gone on to be one of the best selling trampoline ranges in the United Kingdom.

The trampolines emphasize having great performance with outstanding safety features.

Superb bounce

One of the key factors which determine a trampoline's bounce is the number and length of springs. Skyhigh Orbispheres are fitted with a large amount of 165mm springs which makes sure that the bounce is excellent and exciting.

The best safety features

The most striking feature of the Orbisphere is the distinctive curved pole enclosure design. This serves the dual purpose of making the trampoline look great in your garden and keeping your child safe on the trampoline mat.

The net clips underneath the pads to ensure is it held nice and taught should a bouncer stumble while they are playing on the trampoline. It is suspended at the top with a fibreglass rail.

Surrounding the net is 21mm thick safety pads. When you are climbing on and off the trampoline it is made much comfortable with the green PVC covering and this protects the user from coming into contact with the springs or frame of the trampoline.

Durable structure

Beneath the sleek safety enclosure is a very sturdy 38.1mm thick frame which supports the trampoline. This ensures the Orbisphere won't bow or fail and can support a weight limit of up to 100kg in the 8ft and 10ft models and 120kg in the larger 12ft and 14ft.

Covering the enclosure poles in thick green PVC ensures that the foam on the poles in protected. Many designs feature bare foam poles which become weathered very easily and leave the trampoline looking less than fantastic. It also means the foam may erode completely and leave the pole unprotected. There isn't a danger of this with the Orbisphere and the trampoline will continue to look great.

Skyhigh Xtreme Trampolines for sale

The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 is the biggest and best quality trampoline on the current UK market. It has the highest specification materials and features of any trampoline, and also has a more 'serious' design - with the black poles and enclosure. It therefore appeals to a variety of different ages. We would say if you are serious about trampolining, this is definitely the trampoline for you.

Skyhigh Xtreme Features

The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 truly has a wide range of seriously high quality features and specifications. It is also the only trampoline we sell with or without a safety enclosure. You may find thi strange - but is is the one range of trampolines we know some very serious trampoliners will be using - and sometimes they will already have crash mats and pads to use instead of a safety enclosure. If you are not a more serious trampoline user - we would always recommend getting a trampoline package which includes the enclosure.

Powder Coated and Protected Poles

The Trampoline Safety Enclosure has been improved even further from the Skyhigh and Skyhigh Plus ranges to the Skyhigh Xtreme. It has been powder coated, so has a shiny black and silver effect. This looks really classy, but more than this it will last longer as the ocating protects the metal more than on any other trampoline frame.

The enclosure poles have a thicker foam around them, which is the surrounded by thick PVC pole covers. Unlike some trampoline brands, the enclosure poles include the covers (some brands just have the foam and no cover). The covers are important for maintaining both the look and protection of the foam around the poles. Over time, foam will wear away if exposed to the elements. The pvc protection prevents any excess wear of the foam, allowing them to be protected and maintain their protection of you if you were to fall against the enclosure.

T Bar Frame

The weld-free powder coated trampoline frame is another safety element to this range. Many trampolines have been welded - but welded frames, over time will lose strength and become unsafe. The weld-free frame maintains strength throughout the life of the trampoline frame - which in this case is 10 years.

More Springs - More Bounce

The springs are the most extreme, high performance springs available - there are more of them than in any other range so the best possible bounce can be acheived. There are at least 16 more springs in this trampoline than any other trampoline of a similar size and specification - so you can imagine the difference that many springs will make to the quality of your bounce. More than is possible to demonstrate on paper! You will just have to see the reults for yourself!

Skyhigh Xtreme - the best investment

The Skyhigh Xtreme 360 range of trampolines has a range of replacements available to keep your trampoline looking fresh and new. Over time pads and enclosure netting will wear and after a few years you may want to replace it. With the Skyhigh Xtreme range this is easy and fairly inexpensive to do. The cost of replacement parts is nowhere near as much as a new trampoline - which is unfortunately not the case for many other brands.

Skyhigh Xtreme 360 Trampolines are the perfect investment - one you will not regret making. As your children grow, the trampoline will not grow old or 'uncool'. The classic, black look will not offend or put off children or teenagers of any age, so it is a trampoline that wil suit your families' every changing tastes and needs for a very long time to come.

Rectangular Trampolines UK

In addition to our superb Orbispheres and Xtremes round trampolines the Skyhigh range also includes rectangular and ovals. These trampolines are perfect examples of all the benefits of these shapes.

Expressive bounce for gymnastic performance

Round trampolines and rectangular/ovals have a different bounce to rounds. Rectangles as the original trampolines in the modern form have their origins in circus/gymnastic performance so have a rich history of people performing tricks on them for an audience and in sporting competition.

The straight sides of the rectangular and oval Skyhighs mean that the springs don't point in the same direction. This means the momentum isn't carried into the centre so the user is free to cover the whole mat and bounce higher.

Much like the round Skyhigh range the rentangles and ovals have a good spring to bounce mat surface area ratio and they are 180mm and 210mm in length respectively. You need to decide the amount of space you have in your garden available for the trampoline but rest assured with our trampolines it will have a terrific bounce regardless of the size.

Durability and safety

Skyhigh Rectangular and Oval Trampolines have very thick frames which are designed to support the demands of bouncing all over the mat. This ensures the trampoline can support a weight limit which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The galvanised frame along with the parts like the enclosure poles and pads being covered in PVC means the trampolines are durable and built to last.

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