Skyhigh Trampolines

Round trampolines and rectangular/ovals have a different bounce to rounds. Rectangles as the original trampolines in the modern form have their origins in circus/gymnastic performance so have a rich history of people performing tricks on them for an audience and in sporting competition.

The straight sides of the rectangular and oval Skyhighs mean that the springs don't point in the same direction. This means the momentum isn't carried into the centre so the user is free to cover the whole mat and bounce higher.

Much like the round Skyhigh range the rentangles and ovals have a good spring to bounce mat surface area ratio and they are 180mm and 210mm in length respectively. You need to decide the amount of space you have in your garden available for the trampoline but rest assured with our trampolines it will have a terrific bounce regardless of the size.

Skyhigh Rectangular and Oval Trampolines have very thick frames which are designed to support the demands of bouncing all over the mat. This ensures the trampoline can support a weight limit which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The galvanised frame along with the parts like the enclosure poles and pads being covered in PVC means the trampolines are durable and built to last.