Sports Day Ideas

This area dedicated to helping you create a sports day that everyone will remember! With advice and inspiration from teachers, and a selection of activities recommended by our Play Experts, we've got lots of ideas for your school sports day.

children playing in a school sports day

Sports day ideas - helping to make it a day to remember

We've got a collection of ideas for primary and secondary school, with activities that cater for each key stage and different abilities. Lots of our sports day ideas can be adjusted to change the difficulty level for each key stage, adding more challenging activities or varying the way points are scored.

As well as activity ideas, we've got some handy top tips to help make your sports day successful. It's a quick read put together especially for teachers (who we know have very busy schedules!).

Lots of our sports day ideas incorporate games that we have available to purchase, so you can quickly and easily choose your activities all in one go, then you're all set.

If you're already inspired and know what you're looking for, click the button below to view our range of sports day games available to purchase.

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