School Sports Day Planning Checklist

Running a successful Sports Day requires a lot of planning and organisation, so it's very useful to plan ahead and have a checklist for all you need to do before the event and on the day itself.

Before the event

Plan the list of stations that you are running during the event.

1. Allocate a teacher or assistant to each station as an overall leader with another to supervise and help run each station - older pupils are often very keen to help with this, it's a brilliant chance to give them some responsibility.

2. Have a clipboard, pen and score sheet for each station.

3. Check that you have all the equipment for each station and put these aside so they are easy to access on the day.

4. A sports equipment list is useful to have to ensure nothing is missed.

5. The overall leader of the sports day will require a whistle, a timer and possibly a loud speaker.

6. Contact your PTA chair and see if they are available to arrange drinks for the adults.

On the day

1. Depending on the time of day you are having your sports day - allow enough time to set all of the events up.

2. Make sure all the children are dressed appropriately for the events.

3. Set up a water station so that there's water available for everyone.

4. Have a couple of first aid kits accessible and a first aider at the event.

5. Make sure you have a cordon around the main sports area to stop the children wandering away or parents from wandering into the event!

6. Run the event and have lots of fun with the children and parents.

7. Announce which lucky team members have won the event and award prizes.

After the event

1. Ensure you have enough people to help collect and tidy away all of the equipment - year 6 pupils are usually a great help with this.

2. If you are having your event at the end of the school day make sure you have registers to check the children out of school.

3. Reflect on how the day went; are there any changes you would make to the planning or the style of stations? This will help you prepare for next year!

4. Don't forget to thank your PTA and any other helpers.

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