Swing Hangers and Hardware

Hardware for Swings and Swing Seats

You may have a swing which has been made by yourself - or you may be planning on making one. You may have started to create a climbing frame or tree house for your children and require some parts which are hard to create yourself. These parts - such as swing hooks and swing hook arounds are designed to hold all our swings and swing accessories to ensure your children are safe as they swing. We also have metal swing corners which will connect the swing 'A' frame to the top beam (designed for round timbers).

If you already have a swing, but want to attach a double or 'see-saw' swing (where your children sit opposite each other), a duo seat swing support may be required. A pair of duo-seat swing supports will attach at right angles to your swing beam, allowing you to attach the 4 swing seat ropes of such a swing (our rocket rider swing is a good example of one of these). This will allow the double swing to glide smoothly and safely without wearing the ropes quicker than they would naturally.