TP Climbing Frame Accessories

TP Climbing Frame Accessories are ideal for young children, offering them a fun and enjoyable reason to spend time outside.

You can get more from your TP climbing frame by adding one or more of our fantastic TP climbing frame accessories. You can either add more to your new climbing frame or regain interest in your old one, either way climbing frame accessories are a great way to enhance the enjoyment of your climbing frame or swing set.

TP Swing Seats

TP offer a wide range of different swing seats suitable for a variety of different age groups,, tastes and uses.

The TP QuadPod is a highly adaptable TP swing seat - have four different configurations, allowing your child to continue to use it as they grow. Starting off as a baby seat with full harness, the TP QuadPod then adapts to a shape more suited for toddlers, then eventually turns into a normal swing seat for children to use up to the age of 8 years old.

There are simple wooden swing seats in the tp swing seat range as well as their classic plastic moulded swing seats. There is even the popular pirate boat swing which allows two children to swing at the same time.

TP Climbing Frame Accessories Safety Features

Just like all the climbing frame accessories and swing seats at Big Game Hunter's Climbing Frame Shop, the TP swing seats and TP climbing frame accessories have all been created with in built safety features. They have all been tested to pass the rigorous European safety regulations so you can have confidence in the the safety of these products as your children use them. That means, there are weight limits that the tp swing seats have been tested to - so it may be an idea to check these before you attempt to swing on one yourself! And before you say you would never dream of it, we know everyone is tempted, even just to take the weight off for a minute or two!

The Tp baby swing seats have safety harnesses and a lap strap so that you can secure your little one in well before you push them on the swing.

Durable TP Swing Seats

The Tp swing seats and accessories are all made in hard wearing materials designed to last. All come with a one year standard warranty (this is providing the correct TP fittings have been used as well as the maximum user weight being adhered to). The moulded plastic welds on the ropes and the moulded plastic where used is tough and uses a type of plastic which does not fade easily in sunlight.