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TP Trampolines for sale
TP are a company who have been manufacturing and selling outdoor play equipment for many years. They are based in Worcestershire and started over 50 years ago.
They started with the very simple hula hoop and have since then expanded into area like climbing frames - and trampolines as shown in this section here.

TP toys were taken over in 2012 by the Mookie Toys family but have continued to supply a wide range of quality products since.

The main features of the TP range of trampolines are outlined below:

SurroundSafe System

The Trampoline Safety Enclosure has had a face lift with the TP 'SurroundSafe' safety enclosure design. This incorporates the outer part of the trampoline with the safety enclosure - so you cannot buy a TP trampoline without it.

The 'SurroundSafe' system is a trade mark of the TP tpoys range and comes as a part of the Genius packages. The trampolines are made with a galvanised steel tubing which the springs of the tp trampoline attach to. These then lock in to the trampoline bed keeping it safe and secure.

The 'SurroundSafe' system comprises of a top and bottom skirt which is sewn into the enclosure making this surround both the springs on the outside of the trampoline, the outer circle of the tp trampoline and the trampoline itself (with the enclosure netting)

Outer Ring Foam Padding

There is padding on the outer ring of the trampoline which makes this a lot softer if a child were to fall against it. As the trampoline uses the 'SurroundSafe' system, a child cannot fall against the steel tube whilst on the trampoline - but only if they happened to be running past the trampoline on the ground.

The TP Genius range has been around for many years and is a top seller for tp trampolines in the UK. The trampolines include many features detailed below:

  • FREE Trampoline Cover
  • FREE Trampoline Ladder
  • Integrated Show Holder (for storing shoes when a child is using the trampoline)
  • Tested to excedd 1 million bounces - no-rust guarantee for 10 years
  • Available in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft sizes - so a wide variety to choose from
  • Easy and quick to assemble
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