Trampoline Safety

There are some people believe that trampolines are dangerous and shouldn't be used by children. However we feel that they are only dangerous when they aren't used responsibly, just like anything!
We have compiled a list of rules that will greatly help to use your trampoline safely.

Only allow one person on the trampoline

The vast majority of trampoline accidents happen when there is more than one person bouncing. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa) states that 75% of accidents happen in these circumstances. What you do with a trampoline in your own home is up to you, but for the purposes of safety it would be best to only allow one person on the bounce mat.

Buy a high quality trampoline

Quality trampolines are built with features to better improve safety such as thicker surround pads and more effective safety enclosures to prevent the user from leaving the mat. Skyhigh Plus Trampolines for example have 27mm thick pads and Skyhigh Xtremes have 35mm thick pads. Generic trampolines tend to be fitted with pads that are 21mm thick or less.

Take care in the area around the trampoline

It is important when getting on and off the trampoline to take care. It is not a good idea for children to jump on and off the trampoline but rather to carefully climb on, ideally with help from an adult.

Another way to safely access the trampoline mat is with a ladder. This provides three steps for the children to climb on and off. It also encourages children to be more careful and therefore safer.

It is also important that the area around the trampoline is kept clear from toys, shoes and other obstructive objects. A great way to clear the area is to use a trampoline shoe bag. This is a pouch where the user can store their shoes, keys and other objects which could trip people up.

Don't try advanced moves without the correct supervision!

Another common way in which people can injure themselves is by trying gymnastics moves such as back flips. Even professional athletes practise and compete with a trained spot nearby in case they need assistance. If the children do trampolining as a hobby then it is best that they practise some of the more complicated moves at their trampoline club with a trained assistant.

Don't drink and bounce!

This one is more for the parents and teenage siblings of the children! Though it may seem like a very appealing idea to hop on the trampoline after you have been down the pub for a drink or two, keep in mind that alcohol increases your reaction time and affects your balance. Adding a trampoline into the equation is likely to end in injury and is best to be avoided!

Safety doesn't have to spoil the fun of owning a trampoline and applying the simple rules listed above will go a long way to reducing the chances of accidents.

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