Trampoline Tents

Trampoline Tents

Trampoline Tents are one of the most popular trampoline accessories in our accessories range.

These trampoline tents can be easily fitted and dismantled or even left on all the time and create the perfect den or play area for children of all ages. Trampoline tents are an extremely fun accessory which encourages your child to use their imagination! A trampoline tent can serve many purposes but perhaps the most exciting is transforming your trampoline into a camping area or fort. If it is starting to get tiresome that your children keep removing the cushions on your couch and making a fort during playtime then our tent for trampoline range could be the answer!

Trampoline tents surround the trampoline and are manufactured with shower proof canvas. This means that if you want to have a sleep over and it's raining outside, then your children won't get wet. We can attest to the durability of the canvas our tent from trampoline range is made from. This is because the canvas is both UV resistant and fire retardant meaning that your children won't get sunburnt in the summer when using the tent.

Another creative use for a trampoline tent is as a makeshift arts and crafts area where your children can paint and draw. If the cleanliness of the interior of your home is of great importance to you and you don't want to get paint on the kitchen table or in your children's bedrooms then your trampoline could provide the answer with the addition of a tent for trampoline product. Just remember when you are painting to put down some old blankets or cloth to make sure that the trampoline doesn't get stained.

Our trampoline tents go over the top of the trampoline and attach to the frame with the use of brackets in a very strong U clamp shape. This means you can be certain that the tent for trampoline product is securely attached and won't fall off.

If you want to bounce on your trampoline without removing the trampoline tent then there is a tie on system which allows you to untie the tent and pull one side over (similar to an old school pram hood!). This allows you to get back to your bouncing in a flash. We always make sure that our trampoline accessories range is as adaptable as possible and our tent for trampoline range continues in this tradition.

Our tent for trampoline range features products with four windows which allow sunlight into the trampoline and also a way of checking on your children during playtime. The trampoline tents also features two zip up doors which allow easy access to the trampoline mat for your children. If they want to use the trampoline tent to camp then you can simply close the doors by pulling up the zip.

Our tent for trampolines come in a variety of sizes from 8ft up to 14ft. We take a great deal of pride in the quality and durability of our trampoline tents because we always strive to buy from the best suppliers we can find.