Adult Croquet Sets

New to croquet and wanting to purchase a full size croquet set for the garden or looking to upgrade an existing set? We offer a large range of sets which are popular with beginners and more experienced players.

It is important that when purchasing a croquet set you get a set that suits you. It is important that the set is suitable for you and the other players. All of the sets in this section have been designed with varying pieces of equipment in different styles in order to suit players of different abilities.

Some of the sets in this section include 12oz balls which are lighter than regulation weight but are the same size. This proves popular with many new croquet players as it helps them learn how to play and develop skills. The mallets in the sets also vary depending on the price and level of the set chosen. The sets feature full size mallets but the shafts and mallet heads vary on the size, weight and shape, depending on the chosen set.