Carrom Men/Coins

The wooden coins, or men as they are sometimes referred to, are an integral part of the game. There are x11 white coins and x11 black coins. The two players are each designated one of these colours and they must use their fingers to flick the striker and sink this colour of striker into the four pockets at each of the corners of the square Carrom board. The first one to do all of these and then pocket their red queen coin is the winner.

We understand that the coins are not the only thing which make become worn during multiple games of Carrom. This is why our Carrom coins set also features other essential items such as Carrom powder. The powder is finely ground from vegetable starch and allows the striker, men/coins and queens to glide across the board with reduced friction. This both allows for more accurate shots and protects the board from becoming damaged with chips and cracks.

The strikers and queens both can become worn down with frequent play so we also include a full set of 11 black and 11 white coins together with a nylon striker in the set. You may find yourself in a position where any of the coins, strikers or queens are worn and you still have a terrific high quality board. With our Carrom Men Set you can replace these items and get back to playing.