Carrom Powder

Carrom Powder is used to prevent friction on the board between coins and strikers. This means that the players can perform more accurate and controlled shots. The powder is fine-grained and makes the surface smooth to the touch. It also won't wear or clog the board. Carrom Powder is very important because it keeps the board in very good condition and prevents it from getting scratched. Sometimes preventive measures are far easier and cheaper than actually scratching the board. Carrom Powder is also used in competition and if you have ambitions of playing Carrom competitively you will need to get used to all the standard conditions that you will face in this environment.

There are two different materials Carrom Powder available: Those made from vegetable starch and the ones made from boric acid. Both are non-toxic and completely safe for the whole family to use. How to apply Carrom Powder The best way to apply the Carrom Powder to the board is to use it fairly sparingly. You can then spread it a little using the striker and try to make sure that it is even. You will know you have overdone it if when you use the striker it spread the powder and the board starts to look like you are rolling dough in preparation for bake day! After you have played more than a few games you will get the hang of how much you need.

If as previously mentioned you do want to take up playing Carrom competitively you will also need to pick the correct powder. We have two kinds of Carrom Powder available: the first is for home use and the second is for competition. The competition or professional grade carom powder is made from a finer ground powder and is used in top level tournaments. The home use powder comes in larger quantities more cost effectively. If you are going to have a lot of practise sessions or play the game for enjoyment rather than competition this is a great option.