Should I buy a cheap trampoline and then upgrade?

Trampolines are intended for enjoyment and spending time with your children in the garden. Buying the right trampoline will save you a lot of hassle further down the line.

The number of and length of the trampoline's springs determines the quality of the bounce, the thickness of the steel in the frame determines the weight limit the trampoline can support and the thickness of the protective surround padding will change how effectively the springs and frame are covered.

High end trampolines are built to the highest manufacturing standards possible and they have a high numbers of springs for a better bouncer, thicker pads and are able to support a greater weight limit.

It is possible to upgrade a cheaper trampoline by buying individual parts such as premium quality protective pads and better quality weather resistant netting for the safety enclosure. However the thickness of the frame and the number of the springs will be very difficult and impractical to upgrade.

The reality of buying a cheaper trampoline is that you will be stuck with an unexciting bounce, replacing parts when they wear out sooner than you expect and perhaps even have to buy a new trampoline when it becomes damaged beyond repair.

That is not to say that the most expensive trampoline is necessarily the best. What we would advise you to do is to look at the specifications for the trampolines you are considering buying and compare them to each other.

If an expensive brand name trampoline is being sold with a lack of information on specifications such as the number of springs, thickness of pads and the user weight limit then chances are you are paying a premium for owning a brand rather than the performance and quality of the trampoline.

We have considered that you will need the best specifications possible if you intend to use the trampoline for a long time in the design of our Skyhigh trampolines.

The round trampolines have three tiers of trampolines that move between entry level Skyhighs, more energetic Skyhigh Pluses and then the top tier of bouncing performance in the form of the Skyhigh Xtreme. As the range progresses you have more springs, thicker pads and a higher weight limit. The entry level Skyhighs are designed to offer the best specifications they can relative to the cost and will perform effectively for a number of years.

Our rectangular and oval trampolines are built to a similar high standard. Because the frames on these two shapes have straight sides the springs don't all point in the same direction and this means that the momentum won't carry the user into the centre of the mat as with round trampolines. Rectangular and oval trampoline have a responsive bounce.

A trampoline is a fantastic feature for any garden that will make you healthier and happier. Deciding on the right one because most people don't have the spare cash to buy twice!

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