Croquet Buying Guide

Croquet Buying Guide

When choosing your croquet set or accessory there are many things to consider. Within each category we have provided a guide below the selection of products to help make the decision process quicker and easier, including information on the types of play that are most suitable for certain sets, as well as the ages and levels of experience that are ideal for each set and accessory.

Within each category of accessory, including mallets and balls, we have detailed the different aspects and qualities to consider when choosing each accessory, with the different styles and designs of these accessories having many different qualities to improve your croquet game in the way you require.

This page is intended to provide more in depth information about the croquet sets in order to guide you towards choosing the right package.

Please note that for any croquet sets that we supply, we also have a selection of the individual accessories within these sets to purchase separately.

How to Choose your Croquet Set

When choosing your croquet set, it is important to consider the age of the players whom will be using the set. If the whole family will be using the croquet set, and the ages within the family differ, the Lawn Croquet Set is a perfect option. This is a lightweight set, with the mallets, balls and hoops weighing less than full size accessories, ensuring that children feel comfortable with the set too.

This is also ideal for any adults who would feel more comfortable and stable with lightweight croquet sets, as full size croquet sets can be slightly difficult to play with if the player is at a beginner level. The Lawn Croquet set still provides great precision, however the weight of each accessory simply makes the game feel slightly easier physically. This is perfect for beginners as the game can take a while, and therefore having less weight to move around for extended periods of time can be very beneficial!

For a group of adult players who are either familiar with croquet or feel confident that they are comfortable with mallets weighing up to 1.3kg, then the Hurlingham Croquet Set is a brilliant option. The Hurlingham Croquet set is the most advanced croquet set that we offer, with high quality structured mallets and 16oz croquet balls. This set ensures the highest precision and accuracy, encouraging quick development of skill, and preparing you for some exciting croquet games!

Spread the Croquet Craze: Choosing a Croquet Set for More than 4 Players

It's great fun to get friends and family involved in your games of croquet, so we've made sure we have croquet sets that let you do exactly that!

If you would like to play croquet with more than 4 players, we have two different sets that allow you to do this without needing to purchase additional accessories. The Longworth Croquet Set and the Townsend Croquet Set includes 6 versions of each necessary accessory so that you have a complete set that's ready to entertain 6 players.

A 4 player set is still brilliant for sharing with family and friends; each game can consist of 4 players and the players can be rotated for each game. While your companions are not playing, they can spectate and cheer the players on! We have many croquet sets that are perfect for playing croquet in this manner, and each comes with their own very convenient aspects...

For example, our Hurlingham set comes in a polished Ash wood box with convenient carry handles, making it brilliantly easy to transport the set to companions' houses for a social game of garden croquet.

For those players who appreciate tradition and character, the Hurlingham Croquet set will definitely please; the leather bound grips on the handles provide wonderful comfort and a charming appearance, while the brass plated heads allow for excellent durability while offering a beautiful aesthetic. The mallet heads also include an inlaid sighting line for enhanced accuracy, ensuring that your technical skill improves quickly and efficiently.

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