Croquet Sets in Boxes

Croquet sets make an ideal gift for family and friends and when presented in a solid wooden box it adds to the high quality and specification. The wooden boxes not only make this a fantastic present but also allows the set to be packed away securely after use.

Professional players often have croquet sets which come in solid wooden boxes. Having a croquet set in a box can add a touch of grace and sophistication to any croquet lawn. Our solid pine boxes feature natural rope handles which makes the box look and feel more natural when in use and also whilst in storage. A croquet set which is stored in a box has a timeless look, offering enjoyment time and time again.

We offer the Longworth, Townsend, Hurlingham and Challenger croquet sets in wooden storage boxes to add an extra touch of distinction to these beautiful hand crafted sets. The storage boxes allows all of the equipment to be placed back in securely after play enabling these sets to last for years of play. Another great advantage of having a storage box is that that the set is enclosed and damage to the set when not in use is less likely to occur.