Dolls Buying Guide

We have a variety of dolls to suit wooden dolls houses and they're perfect to use with different play sets too. They are designed to the same scale (approx.1:12) so you can mix and match wherever you like. This guide explains the different types of dolls and why they're perfect additions to your play sets!

doll family guide

Doll Families

Our range of traditional doll families include grandparents, parents, children as well as babies. These are purchased as complete sets but they are perfect additions to existing sets too. These are particularly suited to dolls houses but can also be used with many play sets. These family sets come to life as the little ones create characters for them and take part in lots of adventures. They can become miniature versions of the children's family so they can explore and imitate their favourite role models while learning about the world around them.

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All of our dolls are made with durable wood and feature flexible joints so the arms and legs can be easily moved and positioned. The difference between each doll family is the number of family members that are included as well as their appearance. With different hair colours and a variety of different clothing, each set of dolls brings with it very similar benefits in terms of play value and quality, while providing lots of choice so you can pick your favourites.

Families with lots of members are best suited to bigger dolls houses as there are lots of dolls to explore each room and are also perfect for group play, but can also be used with smaller dolls houses to add plenty of variety to their imaginative adventures. You can even start out with a small family and add characters later to make a collection if you wish. This flexibility allows you to decide how big or small the families are to suit your dolls house or play set.

We've also got a range of dolls to inspire imaginative fantasies, including the Bigjigs Fairy Tale set that feature fairies with wands, magic wings and charming clothing.